Divisor branco

FAM Steel has been on the market since 1986 providing calculations, detailing of projects, besides producing, transporting and erecting high quality steel structures.

We are specialized in industrial and commercial buildings, warehouses, bridges and pipe racks, also producing offshore structures e welded beams.


Our industrial park has a modern steel structures sector, with 510 running meters, allowing the production process to be seamless. We also have a welded profile and beams sector in an advanced layout that can supply both foreign and domestic demand allowing for reduced costs and improved agility.

For over 30 years, FAM Steel has had its priorities in building, investing and expanding a specialized plant, and the acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment to supply steel structures with efficiency and innovative production processes, providing a unique standard of quality at competitive prices. Read more about our story. We are a reference company in the Brazilian market for calculation, detailing, production, transportation and erection of steel structures.

Steel Structures

FAM has significant knowledge regarding construction through its direct work in the calculation, detailing, production, transportation and erection of steel structures. Our staff is highly trained and skilled, as well as our equipment, which is a reference for the industry, specially regarding our automation robots and CNC machines.



Our welded beam division is an extension of FAM Steel’s production line. It is located in the same site and it is equipped with twin highly modern production lines.


Each of this lines is responsible for assembling, welding and straightening heavy duty welded beams. We utilize tandem arc and twin arc to submerged arc welding.
With a production line of 300 running meters, our welded beams division is ready to supply up to 600 meters of profiles per day. We produce “I” and “H” profile types (following the Brazilian standards referring to: CS, CVS, VS or PS), “T” type profiles and box-type profiles with standard measures ranging from 4 to 12 meters, but being able to reach up to 20 meters through the use of splices. .



FAM is one of Brazil’s leading steel structure companies and has had participation in building and developing an enormous part of our biggest companies and their structures. Our extensive knowledge of production and erection methods has granted us a broad portfolio of projects of both steel structures and steel and concrete structures. See below some of our most important projects. Please access our “Projects” page to see our portfolio in more details.